Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Is Ping Ponging Around the Internet Driving Us Insane?...

not sure about you, but I'm hanging by a frayed thread.

And , no - I'm not looking at cat videos.

Okay - listen up here.  That title is just click bait.  I'm not going insane and neither are you (unless, of course, you're spending hours looking at kitteh videos.)

Yesterday's ping pong match took me to doing research on Oswald Mosely, who became leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) during the early 1930's.  That led to reading up on the BUF. 

Somehow or another, because no one is really sure how this ping ponging thingy works, I spent some time reading about the antics of  Joachim von Ribbentrop , the hapless socially inept Nazi, during his time as ambassador to Great Britain.  Things didn't go well for him and he was the first of many to be sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials.

Not to be left out was Haile Selassie  who was the emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974.  How I got to Haile is a mystery. 

Veggies fermenting in pantry which may or may not explode.
And then we had the time spent doing a bit more research on fermenting veggies.  I bought some of the well reviewed Farmhouse fermented veggies at the grocery store.  It cost over $6.00 for a teeny little bag of the critters.  I finally said to self, "If people who are probably not smarter than moi can do this, so can you."  So I did. 

I'm taking the super simple route for now, but have my eye on this fermenting stuff at Amazon.   At $26.00, it's a bargain compared to the $24.00 I spent for a bag of fermented veggies, kim chi, and a jar of sauerkraut. 

All the blog experts out there say the only way to be a successful blogger is to offer vaaluuuuuuue to your readers. Well, here's your value:

  • You're not nuts
  • You're not nuts
  • You're not nuts
  • You may be nuts if you look at kitteh videos all day
I won't be here tomorrow since I'm not blogging on Wednesday and Sunday during Lent. 


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What's going on at Amazon:

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