Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook replaces Russia, Russia, Russia...

or it could morph into Russia hacked Facebook.

Who the hell knows - or cares.

If you are one of 100 or so peeps in the world who doesn't understand that Facebook exists to make money off of you and your information, then you need to have a brain transplant.

Rush did a masterful job of explaining this newest "crisis" yesterday and WND has a good summation of what he said - and I thank them.


I give you the closing paragraph on a Bloomberg article: (emphasis mine)
Zuckerberg and Sandberg plan to remain quiet on the Cambridge Analytica situation until the company completes its internal review of what happened, according to a person familiar with the matter. Until they do, questions about Facebook’s ability to cope with the Cambridge Analytica crisis will undoubtedly persist.
No, Bloomberg.  This is not a "crisis."  Not even close.

Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot Justine Damond turns himself in;

 charged with 3rd-degree murder

About time!

No one should take joy in the killing of 17 year kid who took a gun to a school intending to do harm to others.  But it was the right outcome. Whether the officer's bullet killed him or he killed himself is still not known.

A recurring question in my mind is why parents allow their children to attend a state run school. 

Which brings me to an article by Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker today - Homeschooling: The Best Hope for America's Future. emphasis and comments in red mine
Homeschooling is far superior to government indoctrination camps, obsessed with teaching social justice, white guilt, gun control, homosexuality, abortion, and conspiring against and disobedience toward parents.  (Ummm - that's called communism)
[...] Popular among home-schoolers is the VARK model theory, which outlines four kinds of learners.  Some kids are visual learners.  There are auditory learners, reading-writing learners, and kinesthetic learners.  By understanding how your child processes information, you can design a teaching program that is right for him.  This ain't happenin' in government school halls of mass mediocrity.  (Yep!)
Meeting countless families with children in my ten years of traveling as a political activist, I learned to immediately recognize homeschooled children.  They were happy, calm, polite, articulate, filled with information, and confident, always looking me in the eye when speaking to me.  (That has always been our experience with homeschooled kids.)  read the rest

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