Friday, September 1, 2017

Liberals are so predictable and other fun stuff for Friday: Trump criticized for only donating one million for Texas flood relief...

because he's worth a gazillion dollars and one million is just a drop in the bucket for him.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he skewered during the campaign for lying about his wealth?

When his donation was announced our breakfast conversation went like this:

Me: Donald Trump just donated one million dollars for flood relief in Texas.

Hubby:  You know, don't you, that he'll be accused of being a cheapskate for only donating one million when he's richer than God?

I'm not even going to link to some of the silly tweets on the subject because they're not worth our time.

Anything that riles up the libtards makes me happy. 

Houston is drying out.  That makes me very happy!

Women's March Shows its Real Colors...

and it ain't white, that I can tell you.

On their Facecrap and Twitter accounts they're asking you to only donate to organizations that help "people of color."  Funny, last time I checked I was a color too.  Just not the right one.  I guess Italians are not "colored" correctly.

The blow back has been fierce.  Countless previously deluded women are coming to realize exactly what the pink pussy hat wearing loonies are really all about.

It's just something else to cheer us up for the weekend.

And for a bit of inspiration to start your weekend:

From Dianne's Designs - aka our very own ZipADee - and we thank her. 

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