Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Donald Trump: Made in America Week...

lovely and inspiring.

The White House revealed a three-week campaign starting with a “Made in America” themed week, which will promote U.S. jobs and products beginning Monday.

"But we must also fight the unfair trade practices that have gutted our industry, and that includes cracking down on the predatory online sales of foreign goods."

Ya think?

I used to have a fairly thriving business on eBay until I had to compete with sellers from China and Hong Kong who were selling the same product for $.01 with free shipping when I had to charge $4.99 + $2.60 shipping.

Yesterday at the White House, Trump showcased products made in each of the 50 states.  I couldn't help noticing one of the companies was manufacturing wooden bowls made in Alaska.

They're lovely bowls, but very pricey.  Did you know that one of our favorite blogger buddies makes the most beautiful bowls, wooden boxes, and pens I have ever seen?  Woodsterman is called Woodsterman for a reason.

Visit his website and witness some of the finest wood working made in America.  His lovely wife makes quilts and purses - hence the name Dust and Lint.

Another quality woodworker of a larger variety is Hardnox of Nox and Friends.  He and his brother design and produce handcrafted furniture and interior accessories using vintage reclaimed barn wood and live edge slab timber of walnut, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and other select timber.  You can view his gorgeous creations at Westphalia Wood Works. 

As an Amazon affiliate I receive a small commission when you purchase your products through my links at no additional cost to you. Did you know that anything you purchase through my links, even if it's not the item I posted, earns a bit of money for Chez Adrienne?

 I appreciate your support.

One thing I pay special attention to on Amazon is that my purchases are from an American seller, and in most cases, are manufactured here.  I did purchase a case for my Kindle that came from China and if I had known that I would have paid a bit more to purchase from an American seller.

Unlike eBay, Amazon is not littered with crap being shipped from China and I've yet to see a foreign seller on Prime.  At least they have that part right - and we thank them.

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