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Rep.Raul Labrador (R-ID) annihilates lefty group Indivisible in Coeur d'Alene...

and we thank him.

I'll be including some comments along the way which will be in red. And let me also say this is not a completely "fair and balanced" report.  I am a conservative who finds the antics and stupidity of the average libtard to be annoying, but also very, very dangerous. 

The Indivisible group, after the bad press they received about their out-of-control rude behavior at a previous town hall, were "mostly" kept in check by their feckless leaders at last night's town hall with Rep. Raul Labrador in Coeur d'Alene.

Raul Labrador Town Hall Coeur d'Alene 5/5/17
I say, mostly kept in check, because I had a woman and a man behind me whose ear-shattering screams posed a serious threat to my ear drums, until I turned around and told her to cut it out. Evidently, the sight of my little folded up Totes umbrella laying harmless in my lap scared the crap out of her, and she shut the hell up.  Nothing causes fear like a little old lady with an umbrella, doncha know.

Raul Labrador answered all questions, including the abrasive negative attacks with aplomb, facts, and graciousness I would have never been capable of doing.

He started out by saying that rudeness and shouting at each other was not permitted.  The attendees were free to shout or boo at him, since he was used to it, but the people were to maintain a respectful attitude toward each other and the questions asked - no matter how stupid, ill-informed, over-emotional, or just plain crazy the questions were. 

People who wished to ask a question were given a ticket and if their number was called, they could proceed to the mic to ask their question. The majority of the questions were hostile, lacking in facts, and like most libtards based on feelings and emotions.  Indivisible was exchanging tickets to make sure they got to ask the majority of the questions.  

Most of the questions were centered on health care/insurance with one outlier concerned about Amtrak.  Huh? I guess he had worked for the railroad for 40 years.

I was staggered by the amount of disinformation these people exhibited, so anyone who thinks that propaganda fake news doesn't work, they would be very mistaken.

Just this morning, I saw this clip of Anderson Cooper claiming that Rep. Labrador was essentially a liar, miscreant, heartless, and hated by all. Why? Because he said, "No one ever died from lack of health care." (To clarify:  I don't know at what town hall Raul made this statement.  The clip that I linked above to Cooper shows only Raul saying this without any context or reference to what he was asked or what statement to which he may be responding.)

One questionnaire from last night said she was a 40-year veteran of home health care, and she knew of a woman who had no health insurance, and by the time she saw a doctor, her breast tumor was the size of a baseball, and she subsequently died.

 My first thought was that woman must have been monumentally stupid.  The clinic that houses my Medicare PA is also a center for Medicaid patients.  I sit in the waiting room and witness young tattooed festooned women, who are easily 300 pounds, being treated for diabetes for free, while surfing their expensive iphone. 

Notice I said, physician-assistant and not doctor.  Anyone who hasn't retired yet, be forewarned regarding the glories of Medicare.  You will in all probability not have a doctor - you will have a physician-assistant.  That, dear friends, is how "free" health care works, which in the case of Medicare, is anything but free.  We paid all our lives, and we continue to pay each month so we can have "free" medical care compliments of our PA while the "less fortunate" get a totally free ride. 

Time after time, the same questions were asked about coverage for pre-existing conditions until finally, after almost two hours, Rep. Labrador had to say, (paraphrased) "I've already answered that question at least ten times and I'm not going to answer it again."

As the politicians like to say, let me very clear:  There is no such thing as "insurance" for someone who has a pre-existing condition.  You don't buy house insurance after your house is burning down, you don't buy collision insurance while standing on the side of the road with the front end of your car shoved up to the steering wheel, and you don't buy health "insurance" after three heart attacks or having a raging case of diabetes caused by being 100 pounds overweight.  "Insurance", for people with a bad health history, is nothing more than charity from the federal government with money forcibly wrung for the pocket's of the tax payer. 

Since I am a pragmatist, I also realize that for a politician to not address that problem is a sure way to never get any kind of bill passed.

A few outraged over-emotional women approached the microphone, not to ask a question, but to read page-long statements of angst.  One even said she found the sight of a bunch of white men (no one is more hated by the libtards than white men) lined up in the Rose Garden after passage of the bill, to be repulsive - her exact word. Raul had to remind her that he was Latino and there were two women standing right behind the podium -  one of whom was Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA 5th District)

When the founder of the local Indivisible group got to the microphone, we had to hear of his conversion to Christianity (virtue signaling), and he proceeded to tell us (with mangled scripture references) what his "Master" informed him was moral and right. 

At this point, I have to say my desire for a high end recording device has moved to the top of my want list, because I can in no way do justice to Raul's response.  Raul, a Mormon, managed to squelch any further nonsensical virtue signalling scripture quoting crapola from this smug little red-diaper-doper-baby who, to his credit when Raul was finished, said something along the line of, "Um, ah, thank you for coming, Rep Labrador."  

It made my heart sing with joy. 


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