Monday, May 22, 2017

Are we headed for a long, hot summer of riots and mayhem?...

some people think so.

I don't.

Before you start thinking that my opinion is based on a bunch of facts, statistics,   brilliant analysis, and weather charts allow me to say it's none of the above.  It's based only on a "feeling."

I have a sense that the libtards are getting tired of protests, marches, and silly pink hats.

That doesn't mean the lower classes won't find an excuse - any excuse, to loot and destroy, but it won't be based on anything political.  It's just what many of them do.  Recent brawls in the nicer neighborhoods of St. Paul, MN by "teens", "youths", and "young people" have rendered the beautiful parks off limits to the children of the high property tax paying citizens.

Of course the article did not specify exactly who these "teens' and "youths" were, but one of the commenters linked to a video. No one was surprised.

My favorite comment from the article:
Congratulations, St Paul voters. You gave the city to the looney left, and as you cheered, planted the correct yard signs, slapped on your precious bumper stickers, and marched, wearing ribbons to affirm your sensitivities, your gov't surrendered your city, and now your kids' playground to the t-hugs. Your organic, free range chickens have come home to boost.
And then we have the boorish behavior of the Notre Dame students who walked out on Mike Pence's commencement speech.  The very small group were booed by the rest of the students.  Do these wastrels really think they made a statement other than "my parents paid a sh*t load of money so I could walk out on my own graduation?"

Paul Joseph Watson has a different take on the upcoming "summer of rage."  The difference is he bases his opinion on some actual facts, while I base mine on a "feeling."

You'll have to decide for yourselves.


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