Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Behold the anti-Trumpers in all their glory...

and weep for our country.

This display of disgusting behavior is brought to you by the anti-Trumpers as they marched to Ivanka Trump's neighborhood to hold a gay dance protest about something or another.

The irony of the "Protect Our Common Home" sign is surely lost on these writhing denizens of the deep.

How about the disruption to an entire neighborhood - most of whom are likely libtards?

There are homosexuals across this country who lead quiet respectful lives with no desire to force you to approve of their lifestyle.  I feel sorry for them.

Speaking of which - Barry Manilow just announced he is gay.  I'm shocked!

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Why I like Amazon Prime:

Yesterday I buzzed by Walmart to buy some Dormant Oil Spray.  They didn't have any so I hopped over to my local Ace.  The Bonide Dormant Oil Spray was $8.99 for 8 oz.  Whoa.  I have over 20 trees that need dormant spray.  At 5 TB per gallon, 8 oz wasn't going to do the job.  I then checked online at Lowes - same price.  By this time I was a bit worn out from all the buzzing and  hopping,  so I checked Amazon.  A quart of the same product cost a bit over $15.00 with free shipping.  Score!  I not only saved about $3.00, but didn't have to engage in any more buzzing and hopping.

In just the past few weeks, I've ordered pen refills, cotton bath mats, Bonide Sucker Punch (great product for tree suckers), and a candle.  All came with free shipping and 2 day delivery.  One of the items was ordered on Sunday and was on my doorstep the next day.

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