Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I need some serious mid-week input from you...

and I thank you in advance.

I'm tired.

Writing this blog has become tiring and somewhat of a burden.  It's darned hard to come up with new rants, upsets, and outrages day after day.  And I highly doubt it's healthy - mentally or physically.

Much of the goings on are starting to bore me.  It's an effort to write convincingly about a subject someone finds boring without boring the reader.

Most of my days start around 5am (except now with daylight saving it's all screwed up which I'll save for a future rant), and by the time something piques my interest it's often noon or later.  This causes severe disruption to my schedule (huh - you have a schedule?), and my creativity.  You can't schedule political rants 'cause there's a new one several times a day.

All sorts of blog "experts" claim that you have to stay within your niche, and yet, many very successful blogs wander off the range several times per week with content that isn't specific to their blog.  Something tells me they're just as bored with the rants as I am.

So here's the input part:

I'm thinking that about three times a week of adding an additional post in the areas of gardening, cooking, and organizing/literature/art/and creativity. I know I already wander occasionally, but this would make it official and would happen on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I may, or may not, post a rant on the same day.  That will depend on how ruffled my feathers are. 

I'm a Master Gardener, got my first cookbook at about 5 years old, and I'm an organizing wizard.  I'd really like to share my knowledge in areas other than ranting (although my ranting credentials are up-to-date.)

Tell me what you thing about this idea and any other subjects you'd like thrown open to discussion.  

Much appreciated!

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