Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Compare and Contrast: First Lady Melania Trump vs Hillary Clinton...

the contrast is startling.

One is positive, soft spoken, charming, and lady like.  The other is harsh, grating, negative, and not at all lady like.  You guess which is which.

First: Melania Trump speaking at The Women of Courage Award Ceremony today (3/29/2017)

I'm also so very grateful for not having an activist first lady shoved into my face every day.  Our past first lady should have paid more attention to raising her daughters then trying to be a co-president.

 Next up we have Hillary Clinton in her best angry mode haranguing the audience at the Professional Business Women of California conference in San Francisco.

Dressed in her best biker babe leather she reminded the crowd:
 "Women's representation in the current administration in Washington is the lowest it's been in a generation.  As I think about the outpouring of activism, I think about four words: resist, insist, persist, enlist."
Resist, insist, persist, enlist?  How long did it take her speech writers to come up with that clever little meme?  Yep, those are things guaranteed to get pink pussy hat wearing women all they desire because, the good Lord knows, people want to surround themselves with resisting obstinate, insisting demanding, persisting nagging women. 

I wonder how much money she was paid for this speech.  You can be assured that she did not fly to San Francisco for free to speak about a subject near and dear to her heart.  Oh, wait - she doesn't have a heart, so maybe near and dear to her pocket book would be closer to the truth.

I spared you the entire speech and present you only with a few highlights.  I double dog dare you to make it through the entire 2:30 minutes without upchucking.  Winners will be awarded a prize of my choosing.

Did we dodge a bullet, or what??

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