Friday, February 24, 2017

Your rights end where mine begin...

how hard is that to understand?

Obviously, for libtards, it's very hard to understand.

We had to endure 8 years of a president who supported mobs gone wild who impeded and endangered the citizens of this country while they attempted to enjoy their daily lives.  Don't they have a right to do that?

So it is with great pleasure I present to you 5 minutes of sheer delightfulness as a small crowd of protesters gathered together for the nothing burger protest of "a day without immigrants" were pepper sprayed and dragged from the streets in Tucson.  The aforementioned streets were populated with ordinary citizens being illegally prevented from going about their daily duties by these foul mouthed screeching libtards.  It's about time we started to see some real justice in this country.  Agreed?

Under the circumstances, the police showed remarkable restraint. 

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