Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NBC puts out a disgusting piece of trash video using children as props...

this is disturbing on so many levels.

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What would possess a "news" agency to publish this reprehensible propaganda enlisting children to spout off such corrosive rhetoric?  And these are the same people who claim to be insulted by being called fake news?

The lines these kids had to memorize and regurgitate for the camera are about as ridiculous as the adult weenies decrying how Trump is going to harm them in some way.  The difference is adult weenies are in charge of their own thinking and actions.  These children have been exploited by their own parents for a pay check.

Fake, fake, fake, fake!  I well remember being 8 or 9 years old and worried about what the president was doing.  Not really.  Are there actually people who don't recognize this as vile propaganda? 

You may color me shocked!

All news is fake news until proven otherwise™

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