Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump calls CNN fake news and refuses to take a question from their "reporter" Jim Acosta and who peed on the bed in Russia?...

it's about damn time someone stood up to these purveyors of lies.

When I first heard about the so-called scandalous report of Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on a bed,  I didn't spend a bunch of time doing my due diligence.


 The reason given was Obama had slept in that very bed.  Seriously?  My first funny thought was if Trump wanted to defile the bed, he would have done it himself.  I already knew that Trump was a bit of clean freak.  As he himself said in the presser that he just held, "I'm a germaphobe."

Full Presser: 

Opening remarks by Sean Spicer and Mike Pence start at 57:00

Don't let the grey screen fool you - the vid is there. 

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