Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kellyanne Conway enters the den of Seth Meyers (whoever the hell he is)...

and does her usual fabulous job. 

I have no idea who the smarmy ignorant Seth Meyers is and I'm grateful.  It's definitely the upside of not having cable. Who watches this crap?  Question:  How much of the laughter and jeering we're hearing is real and how much is a laugh track?

What is interesting about this "interview" is it happened the day before today's presser.  Will anyone remember what Seth Meyers said and how many people will remember what President-Elect Donald J. Trump said at today's presser?  Feel free to shout out your answer fellow swamp creatures.

While the "ladies who march" are most concerned about making sure they have low cost or free abortions, Donald Trump was talking about the shabby scandalous treatment of the vets and his vow to fix the situation.  You know - the vets who protected the aforementioned women's right to make fools of themselves by screeching for their right to kill their unborn babies.

I've stated before that watching Trump energized me. Kellyanne Conway has joined the ranks of energizers.  When I feel the urge to complain, I think of this woman who has four children, a demanding job, and is willing to beard the various lions in their dens - and does it with grace and intelligence.  Granted there is a bit of age disparity between her and I, but not with Trump and myself.

On that note, I'll pull myself together, do some squats and pushups, wash my hair (important!), and get on with my day. If the libtards can't hurt Trump and Kellyanne, they certainly can't hurt m.


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