Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rush Limbaugh and Chad Prather agree with me: I'm not "reaching out" to the crappy people...

people who are acting crappy need to be laughed at and shunned.

Yesterday's post highlighting the ultimate in people acting crappy made me consider the manner in which we should respond to the aforementioned crappy people™

How about not responding at all?  How about treat them like the vermin they are? 

I'm not the only one fed up and not willing to take it anymore.  

Rush Limbaugh:
RUSH: No, I do want to cross the aisle and get along with these people. Like I’ve always said: I want them defeated. I want payback. I want these people to have to eat it, folks! They have been doing what they have been doing for 25 or 30 years and longer, and they’re now being called out on it. And that’s good. Now, of course they’re gonna react like stuck pigs to all of it. But, I mean, it’s… This was never gonna be pretty. I tried to warn everybody I could all during the campaign — election week and the election aftermath, and during the transition — that this is serious.

Trump means it. When he says that we’ve had stupid people leading doing stupid things within he means it. Now, Trump’s not ideological like I am. You know, Trump doesn’t take the time… It’s not that he doesn’t take the time. It’s just that liberalism as the source and root of the problem, that’s not it. He thinks it’s stupidity. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me that Trump’s not a doctrinaire conservative like I am as long as the objectives remain the same, that’s good enough for me ’cause that’s what we’ve got.

It is, I think, showing amazing success. The Democrat Party’s been decimated! The Democrat Party doesn’t have the numbers to stop Trump whatever he wants to do. This is not the time to start acting like we’re sorry for winning! Which is what we always have done. This is not the time for power sharing. This is not the time for feeling bad for people because they lost and maybe reaching across the aisle. It’s not the time for the way John McCain does things, which is a whole ‘nother story.

Brilliant take down of libtards by Chad Prather - and we thank him.



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