Monday, January 16, 2017

Holy Crap! Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration...

crappy people being crappy.

There's just no reason to be a crappy person.  None.

Lately, we've been blessed to witness numerous people being crappy.

We have members of congress refusing to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. Some of them, like John Lewis, are calling him an "illegitimate" president.   And there are thousands, who are threatening to disrupt the inauguration, including the possibility of causing riots.

We even have literal crappy behavior when it is reported someone threw dog poo in the face of Martin Shkreli, the pharma dude who raised to cost of a cancer drug by 5000%.  Turned out to be fake news, but, even as despicable of human being I find him to be, the thought of throwing poo at anyone is crazy.  The libtards, who have fallen for the fake news, are all celebrating over the poo throwing.  Listen, I don't like Odumbo, which is the understatement of the century, but I certainly don't want anyone throwing poo on him.

Do I need to mention the pussy hat wearing women who will be marching around on the 21st to protest because they want their "rights?"  I have no idea of what "rights", other than killing their children and making the taxpayer pay for it, they seek.  I doubt they do either.

In most cases, when there is crappy behavior, it is at the promulgated at the hands of a libtard or group of libtards.

This just released undercover investigation by Project Veritas is alarming.  This behavior goes beyond being crappy and dives head first into the realm of being criminal. 

I want all you liberals out there to realize what you are supporting.  As I already said, "There's no reason to be a crappy person.  None." 

While waiting for Project Veritas pt 2, check out this short interview with these leaders and founders of the DisruptJ20 group who are probably on the payroll of George Soros.  Unwashed and unlovely - definitely crappy.


Political Clown Parade:  John Lewis: Wrapped In Anger With A Dash Of Hate

MOTUS:  Suggestion For the POOP People: MoveOn.Org 

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