Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why isn't the MSM vetting Khizr Khan?...

because the truth is ugly and it doesn't support their narrative. 

I've been fairly silent on this whole contretemps involving Trump and Khan.  My first thoughts when this started was why did the RNC have a Muslim speak who lost a son in 2004?  Couldn't they find a more recent Muslim hero?

I also thought that it would have been wise for Trump to have maintained silence on the issue.

Now I realize that if it was not for Trump, we would have no idea of how corrupt all these people really are.

As always, follow the money, and there's nothing the Clintons don't like more than money.  Khan earned his living by selling citizenship to wealthy Muslims.  Trump is a threat to his money flow.  Hence, we must defeat Trump.

Trump did the right thing. He shined a very bright light on the corruption of the MSM and the Clinton machine.   He didn't dishonor the Khan's loss, but simply asked why they were disparaging him, when it was Odumbo and Clinton who made it possible for their son to be killed.

I will repeat this again:

Do not believe anything you read, see, or hear.  Do your own research.  

The people we are dealing with in the highest and most connected levels of our government are corrupt in a way most of us can't even wrap our heads around.  These people will steal, lie, destroy lives, up to and including, murder to get what they want.

People who have way more time than I do have done the research.  I'll defer to them.

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