Sunday, July 3, 2016

Donald Trump: Please add anti-Semitic to xenophobic, homophobic, racist, and anti-women...

because people read into things that which is not there.

Trump accused of being anti-Semitic over tweet.

The "anti-Semitic" tweet --------->

Because, wait for it, the star, which resembles a Star of David, is on top of hundred dollar bills, which indicates that Hillary is getting money from the "evil Jews" - or something.

A few hours later, the star was replaced with a circle.  So what?

Never in a gazillion years would I have looked at the original tweet and thought, "OMGosh, now Trump has stepped over the line and become a neo-Nazi and white supremacist."

It says way more about the people claiming antisemitism than it does about Trump.

Listen to Corey Lewandowski defend Trump's tweet.

Run it up to 5:54 to witness CNN's Brianna Keilar make a fool of herself as she tries to jump in Lewandowski's cornflakes about the tweet. 

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