Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Brent Regan: #‎NeverTrump‬ Explained. Red Pill Warning...

are your thoughts being modified?

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." Saul Alinsky (Why is this true?)

Warning! I am attempting to modify your thoughts by making you aware of how your thoughts can be modified.

Ridicule, name calling, ad hominem attacks and lies are all well worn progressive tools of control. They have created in people a Pavlovian response to words like bigot, racist, privileged, supremacist and (fill in the blank)-phobe which manifests as an avoidance reaction. Your instinct is to move away, to distance yourself from the unpleasant thing. This is not a rational "adult mind" reaction but rather a subconscious reflexive "child mind" action driven by social proof and reinforced by your conformity bias. It is this very response that progressives use to control us. Remember that to move a herd of sheep you only need to get the few in the front to do your bidding. This progressive conditioning occurs at a subconscious level so you don't even know it is happening unless you know it is happening.

You think you are immune? I can force you to do something even while telling you not to do it.

 Ready? Whatever you do, do NOT think of a unicorn. Gotcha!

The battle for control of your thoughts and actions is being waged in your mind. Understanding how the mind works is essential to resisting being controlled or even influenced by others. As I said, I am attempting to modify your thoughts by making you aware of how your thoughts can be modified.
I believe the NeverTrump movement is a product of progressive conditioning, sort of an inverse charisma, where people don't want to be associated with people who are being called names. You want to distance yourself and by proclaiming NeverTrump you are disavowing all the bad things the progressives accuse you of being.

How much do you really know about Trump that hasn't been filtered or modified in some way by the progressive media? The debates were manipulated by the questions (Do you still beat your wife?). Trump comments were partially reported and then modified with "analysis". He has sent out hundreds (thousands?) of Tweets with only a few making it to the news cycle. 99.9% of what you know about the man has been adulterated in some way so how is it possible to make an assessment of the man with absolute certitude? Even his speeches, like the one on Tuesday, which was great by the way, perhaps his greatest speech ever, was influenced by speech writers. Did you catch what I just did?
The media isn't interested in the truth, they are interested in grabbing eyeballs so they are interested in shock, lies, conflict, blood, sex, scandal and whatever else sells.

The process is simple. For example, Trump says something reasonable about how a person's views and biases are the product of their life experiences. You know, like how Sonia Sotomayor said her "wise Latina" life experiences would cause her to make better decisions than a white man. Only Trump didn't refer to race, he said that a judge of Mexican decent may be biased against him due to Trump's position on Mexican immigration. (Take a moment and think about that last sentence and find where it is unreasonable. No? Neither can I). The progressives immediately shouted "racist!", even though Mexican is a nationality not a race, and demanded everyone stop and renounce the racist Trump. In full Pavlovian progressive conditioning obedience mode Paul Ryan, the Republican establishment and many others did just that.

The progressives have turned the Republicans into zombies and nobody even notices. The progressives made the Republicans create a 100 day plan to stop Trump. If it was a Republican idea wouldn't they first have had a 100 day plan to stop Obama?

Now the adult mind does not like to be a zombie but the emotional child mind is insistent so to satisfy both intellect and emotion the adult mind rationalizes the zombie behavior as "reasoned". Trump therefore must BE a racist because that explanation means you are not a zombie and your conditioned response is the right course of action. It doesn't matter that Trump has never actually made an overt expression or racism or practiced racism. If he had, Jessie Jackson would have been all over him.

The only thing that matters is that you have arrived at the simplest explanation that comforts your adult mind and your child mind. You easily accept other stories of Trump's racism or other shortcomings because your conformity bias dictates that new information that conforms to what you already hold true must also be true.

Smart people will have the hardest time absorbing what I have just revealed because their adult mind has constructed a more detailed and elaborate justification OR it has referenced a fixed set of "beliefs" that do not require additional rationalization. Your mind works very hard at being lazy.
What is really disturbing is that from now on, every time you see NeverTrump you will be reminded that you're being manipulated. Of course, I could be completely wrong about everything.

Brent Regan is a force to be reckoned with in North Idaho.  Well versed in local politics he has long held the reputation for clear thinking.
Mr. Regan is an engineer who engineers stuff that I don't even understand for the aviation and aerospace industries.  He's counts among his friends well known aerospace engineer Burt Rutan (who now lives in Coeur d' Alene), and flying enthusiast conservative Bill Whittle.
Even with his very busy life, he has managed to devote thousands of hours to local issues from zoning, land use, and has even served on our local school board.

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