Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wrapping up the Democratic Debate in a nice little bundle...

is fairly easy.

Every one of them tried to top the others on how much free sh*t they would hand out.

Poor people are poor because the wicked rich people are hoarding all the money.

Black lives are the only ones that matter to all except Jim Webb.  He sorta kinda thinks we all matter.

They all think global warming is "settled science", and will turn off our air conditioners to save the planet - or something.

Based on what I heard about gun control, I will be stocking up on ammunition, and you should, too.

Lincoln Chaffee is a weird little man.

Martin O'Malley is an even weirder little man.

Bernie Sanders has early stage dementia.

Anderson Cooper did a surprisingly good job.  Really.

Hillary Clinton will be the nominee, which frees me from ever watching another snooze fest like last night.

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