Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Understanding the History of Political Correctness...

easily absorbed in 22 minutes.

In view of last nights "debate", and this decision by the Supreme Court, if you don't know the history of PC, this video does a fine job of summing it all up.

First the Supreme Court decision:

From Instapundit:

So if a group wants to express hostility to homosexuality — or hostility based on race, or sex, or religion, or what have you — it has the right to do that. And that’s so even if the group seeks access (on the same terms as other groups) to generally available university property, services, and subsidies. And on this point, the Court was unanimous: The liberal Justices plus Justice Kennedy took this view; the other conservative Justices would have just taken this further, to secure student groups’ right to choose their members as well as their right to choose their speech.

This isn't the best produced video on the history of political correctness, but most of them are over an hour.  This one hits the high spots in just 22 minutes.  I hope this spurs you on to further research of this important subject.  I've included links to other videos at the bottom of this post.


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