Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Obama: Rude, Crude, and unfit for polite company...

if there is anything left of "polite company", which I doubt.

We have become a rude and uncivilized society.

This article at American Thinker today, by Ed Lasky, points out just how much Obama plays the clown.  While his followers may think he's "cool" - and mark my words they do, the leaders of other countries who still practice a modicum of public standards in their behavior are, no doubt, thinking otherwise.

Witness his latest stunt mugging for the cameras for Buzzfeed.  A selfie stick?  I never knew such a thing existed until I saw him with one. 

If you want validation of that, visit any lefty site and read the comments.  A major theme is, "Oh, wow, he's just like us."  Well, he is, and that's a huge problem because my kitchen sponge has a higher SAT score than you do. Don't doubt me on this.  Check out the comments at the Buzzfeed link above.  These are the morons who elected this travesty - twice (not counting, of course, the dead people who voted.)

Just about every lefty I know, some located in my own family, have one thing in common - they all consider themselves one of the cool kids, no never mind that many are eligible for a senior discount.  You see, they never grew up.  They can't carry on a conversation and instead engage in "trading fours."  And don't you dare bring up an alternate point of view or you will find yourself on the receiving end of blistering scorn.  Tolerance only goes one way for these mentally stunted creatures.

Enough of this.  I'm going to get a haircut and go to Costco and eat samples.

But first, a word about selfies which is going to be as un-PC as you can possibly get.  As I wander around Facebook and witness the plethora of selfies, it has not escaped me that all the "friends" pile on and tell the selfie-taker how "beautiful" they are when, in fact, the person is not really all that attractive.  I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Maybe the selfie taker is a very nice person, but that doesn't change the fact that there is no other reason for taking a selfie and posting it than to gather up many compliments.  We have become a nation of narcissists.

P.S.  Lent starts tomorrow.  Are you ready?

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