Wednesday, February 25, 2015

About that FCC internet thing...

you know - the one where the FCC will vote to make the internet "fair" for everyone?


and don't forget "free."
And as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers new rules for how to safeguard competition and user choice, we cannot take that principle of net neutrality for granted. Ensuring a free and open Internet is the only way we can preserve the Internet's power to connect our world. That's why the President has laid out a plan to do it, and is asking the FCC to implement it.
Don't you believe it.

They'll vote tomorrow.

This morning I read this article Losing the Internet by Richard Fernandez over at PJ Media.  More importantly, I read the comments. 

This one jumped out:
While this is obviously terrible for reasons others have stated, I'm not overly worried, because I don't think the administration understands the backlash this will produce.

Once the details hit the news and bloggers and Silicon Valley sees what's in these hundreds of pages of regulations, a whole bunch of people who thought "net neutrality" sounded nice are going to say: "WTF is this?!?" I think it'll be a Category 5 poopstorm that will have congressional Democrats babbling excuses and retreating in the face of the screams of previously loyal constituents and contributors.

Is his optimism based on reality?  Is there really going to be a Category 5 poopstorm?

In the blogosphere, we tend to live in our own little bubble.  It's no different than living in a certain neighborhood where people share the same culture and values.

Let's suppose that the above commenter is right, and we collectively have a Category 5 poopstorm.

What exactly will change?

 I recall a poopstorm over Obamacare.  Last time I checked, it's still here.

 We're having an assault on our borders by illegal immigrants, and all the while Obama is being directed by his puppet masters to just go ahead and do whatever he wants to do, and is moving ahead on amnesty.  Did having a poopstorm make a difference?

This FCC regulation will be no different.


Yes and no.

We still have power over ourselves and our reactions to what is going on in this country.

Protect yourselves and your loved ones as best you can, and to keep it in perspective, be glad you're not a Christian living in the Middle East.


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