Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hundreds of school children dead in Pakistan: Libtards attack religion...

all religion, as the cause.

Because everyone knows how dangerous marauding Christians are.

Every time I get to peek into the mind of a libtard I'm shocked.  

Check this out from Huff and Puff.


Taliban Kills More Than 100 Children In Pakistan School Attack

Some of the Comments:

Religious leaders of all faiths should bow your heads in shame.
For generations you have preached intolerance.
It is your bigotry that inspires religious fanatics of all faiths to murder in the name of GOD. I pray that GOD damns you all.

Religion is a disease.

Yep, they are all cults.

Yes, Islam has proven itself to be a homicidal male chauvinist cult. NO different than it's murdering precursors: Christianity and Judaism. Lest we forget.

Yea! ALL religions are a WASTE of human time & effort. Poor innocent children.

All religions preach hate, violence and intolerance in name of god. Ban all religions.

Religion is cancer, almost each and every one.

It's time to say adios to all organized religions. They have missed the point entirely about why we are all here on earth. It is purely a form of power by other means.

Hopefully, one day humans can find a cure for this disease called organized religion. 
I have no comment.

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