Friday, December 19, 2014

Bill Whittle: Stories Liberals Tell: How Conservatives Can Win Back the Country and Rush on Liberalisim......

according to Bill we need to start telling our own stories. 

But first - Rush. 

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh opened his show by talking about how easy it was to be a liberal.  Luckily, I was able to find a transcript on his site so you won't have to be subjected to what would, no doubt, be my tortured paraphrasing.

I realized that he was describing every single liberal I know.

From Rush:
Do you remember the name John O'Sullivan?  Used to be the editor at National Review in the days shortly after -- well, Mr. Buckley was still alive and running the place.  And he also was a prominent position holder at Lady Thatcher.  And he said something once that I think a lot of people have forgotten if they heard it in the first place.  And I'm paraphrasing, but John O'Sullivan said any organization, any group, any bureaucracy, family, you name, any group of people, any organized group of people that is not actively conservative will become liberal.

Liberalism is easy.  It's the default position.  If you want to love yourself with no reason, if you want to love yourself for caring and doing nothing, if you want to love yourself for thinking you are very compassionate and very concerned, liberalism is easy.  Conservatism is an applied process.  You have to actively be conservative in the way you think and live on a daily basis. It's not because conservatism is hard.  Most people live their lives that way.  It's just that liberalism is so seductive.  It's a set of false promises, and it's a set of illusory things that make surface emotions easy as pie.

All you have to do to be thought of as a good person is to look at suffering and say it bothers you, and that's it.  You're a good person.  Well, that doesn't do a thing in terms of solving the problem.  But you don't have to solve the problem to be a good person, to be a liberal.  All you have to do is be able to recognize it and then convince people that it bothers you and that it shouldn't be.  And then, if you learn very quickly that you can blame other Americans for that misery, then you're an even better liberal.  And that's all it takes.

But conservatism is an applied, I believe, intellectual process.  I know that most people live their lives that way.  I mean, you don't walk down the street and give your paycheck to neighbors, but you'll vote for people that do it for you.  People live their lives that are conservative don't know it.  Republicanism, conservatism has a brand problem, if you will, and liberalism, it's just easy.  If you look at the Republican Party, for example, it is clear, is it not, that in these six years of Barack Obama, the entire country has shifted to the left, including the Republican Party.

You may not like hearing it, and you may say, "Rush, look at the election result."  Yeah.  Yeah.  Of the people who voted, we overwhelmingly rejected it.  But not even half the people voted in this country in the 2014 midterms.  Of the people who voted -- and that counts, don't misunderstand, the people who vote are the ones that do end up making a difference.  See, I've gotta be very careful.  I'm not trying to dispirit anybody here.  But the Republican Party has abandoned conservatism.  And according to O'Sullivan, what's happened to 'em?  They're becoming more and more liberal.

Obama is shifting the entire country liberal.  You don't automatically default to moderate.  Moderate is also something you must try to be.  Despite what people think, being a moderate takes effort. You have to consciously object or accept things.  Liberalism doesn't require consciousness, is my point.  All it requires is emotion on your sleeve, and bingo, and you've accomplished it.  It's why I've always said it's the most gutless choice you can make because it takes no effort and you end up being thought of as a wonderful person.

The Republican Party clearly has abandoned conservatism, and what's happening to them?  They're indistinguishable, at the leadership level, from the Democrat Party in terms of issues.  Name it:  amnesty, Obamacare, you name it, you can't spot significant difference in the two.  There's more and I suggest you read it

From YouTube:
Liberals have dominated the storytelling and culture making industries for some time now. So how do Conservatives win back the hearts and minds of America? Find out, as Bill Whittle takes a look at what has made Leftie Hollywood such a success, and discusses some options for the Right. Because, if we lose the culture for good, we will lose in the ballot boxes too.

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