Sunday, November 16, 2014

Melissa Francis Silenced by CNBC and finally Huffington Post says something about Gruber...

and the reactions are what we could expect from the libtards.

I've been scanning Huff and Puff for days now to see if they would say anything about the Gruber tapes.

Finally today (Sunday, Nov. 16th 2014), I spied a very small piece, David Axelrod Slams Jonathan Gruber Over Obamacare Comments,  in which they quoted Axelrod's tweet:
As one who worked hard to make ACA and its benefits clear, let me say: if you looked up "stupid" in the dictionary, you'd find Gruber's picture.
And the article further quoted Odumbo as saying today from a presser in Australia:
“The fact that an adviser who was never on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is not a reflection on the actual process that was run,” Obama said, according to Politico.
“I would just advise every press outlet here: Pull up every clip and every story. I think it’s fair to say there was not a provision in the health care law that was not extensively debated and was fully transparent. ... It was a tough debate.”
Never on our staff?  Let me understand this; Nancy Pelosi is on video quoting the wonderful work Jonathan Gruber did on Obamacare back in 2009, and she now claims she doesn't know who he is.

And Gruber claimed in 2012 that he met with Obama at the White House to work on Obamacare.

This "nobody" who "was never on our staff" was paid close to 400K by the White House to be a nobody who was not on their staff.  Wish I could get a job like that.

And this nobody went on to earn many millions from various states to help them set up their exchanges, not to mention the 2 million he has earned from HHS over the past seven years for helping them with Medicare assessments.

So far, Obama the sock puppet and his puppet masters have blown billions of dollars in order for you to lose your insurance.  They're going to fine you, take away your doctor, and raise your premiums through the stratosphere while expanding the deductible.

That's your money they flushed down the crapper - at least those of you who still have a job.

Explain to me why people are not marching on Washington, DC with pitchforks and torches.  Have we become such sheeple that this is acceptable?   Or are we so glued to our smart phones and big screen TVs that we don't even care anymore?

That little article has been up for over three hours and there is not one comment posted.  There are, however, Facebook conversations going on.

What I saw was astonishing.

First listen to what Melissa Francis has to say about being silenced and then scroll down and read some of the comments from Huff and Puff.

There is none so blind as those who will not see. 

Allow me to remind you that these people are adults and have access to all the same information we do. And.................they vote.

Speak to the sponge...

And let me also state that I've been snookered in the past.  When I did my research and discovered the aforementioned snookering, I admitted I'd been snookered.  Because that's what intelligent adults do.

My kitchen sponge is smarter than these commenters.

Chad Austino · Top Commenter · Duke
It's utterly absurd to say that the ACA was passed secretly or that there was intentional obfuscation. The law passed after a whole lot of debate (but dismissal of liberal ideas). Anyone paying attention and following legitimate media knew that they were debating and about to pass a reform bill comprised of an individual mandate and insurance exchanges. If you did not know then it's the fault of the media you watch/read (or the Republican politicians who were lying about death panels).

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