Monday, November 17, 2014

A Monday Morning Saving Tip...

for the thrifty minded ladies and men.

Ladies First:

A few days ago I had to visit the library to pick up a book that was on hold for me.

It was late in the day, and I was very tired and very cold.  The thought of slipping my freezing footsies into my cute little animal print flats was low on my list.

New ones. Last years has cream trim

I spied my Dearfoam slippers purchased last year at Costco for $9.99 and thought, "I'm just slipping in and out of the library and no one will notice I'm wearing slippers."

Well, they did.  But they thought they were the cutest shoes they had ever seen and wanted to know where I got them.  I told them the truth and they thought it was the greatest idea since, well, forever.

Fast forward to last Friday.  After our first trip to Trader Joe's, we headed to Costco.  I had mentioned that I hoped they had the Dearfoams back in for winter since I needed another pair and they were going to be my new winter "shoes."

They did.  And, guess what?  They had an instant coupon for $2.00, so the cost was only $7.99.

I price checked J.C. Penney, and their original price for the same slipper was $26.00.  They were on sale for $15.60, so $7.99 turned out to be a hugely good deal.

These are indoor/outdoor slippers with a very thick sole.  My pair from last year has at least another year left of wear and I wear them quite a lot.

Now the Men

Last year, hubby got a pair of cool slippers lined with thinsulate at Costco for $9.99.  They are also rated as indoor/outdoor.  He wanted another pair and Costco had those also. 

These are perfect for a quick trip to the store or post office.  Depending on where you work, they would certainly pass the sniff test for being appropriate. 

Now I decided that since there was no way I could purchase a decent pair of shoes for $7.99 or $9.99 for hubby, we each should get another pair, so I planned a return trip to Costco.

But first I checked their website and there they were.  Free shipping as a bonus.  We each opted for the brown this time. 

If you're in need of slippers and live near a Costco, go get you some; you won't find a better price!

I call this thinking outside the shoe box...

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