Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Friday before election, devilish dust mites, sardines, and some Bill Whittle...

what could go wrong?

Exactly what do those things have in common?  Absolutely nothing, but I'm in the habit now of just throwing a bunch of stuff out there and watching it bounce - or something.

The Election:

The word is that this is going to be some sort of historically awful trouncing for the Democrats.  Forgive me if I don't share the excitement because I think very little will change in DC no matter what the outcome.

The reality is that our culture has become so degraded that anyone who thinks we'll ever see the Ozzie and Harriet days again should immediately check themselves into the closest psych ward. 

That doesn't mean I won't march off to our local polling place and vote straight Republican.  It makes no never mind if I'm not in agreement with everything they espouse.  The last perfect possible candidate was Jesus and He's not running for public office.  In a sense He is, but that's another post.

Anyone who sits out this, or any other election, because they don't like every position of the candidate, is a fool.  It is those people who gave us Barack Odumbo for 8 long years and I will never forgive you.  

Dust Mites:

It seems my husband has developed a raging allergic reaction to dust mites.  It's ugly.  I find this to be very annoying because I'm probably one of the only people in the world who religiously vacuums our mattress and has banned carpet from our homes.  We've had wood floors in all our homes and the only throw rugs are next to the bed and at the entry door - all of which are washed often.

Yesterday was spent shopping for and purchasing special allergy mattress and pillow covers.  I've acquired two bottles of Febreeze Allergy Control stuff because after tearing apart Home Depot, no one was able to find the 15 cans of Sprayway Good Night Dust Mite Spray that were supposed to be in stock.

In order to kill dust mites in sheets and such, they must be washed in water that is 130 degrees.  Our water tops out right now at 120 degrees.  None of which matters, because the solenoid needs replacing on our washer, so everything is washed in cold water.

So today I will take our king sized sheets, one by one, and boil them in a big pot and then run them through a cold cycle in the machine.  Can I tell you how much I'm looking forward to that?  Not.


I don't like sardines. At least, I don't think so, since I can't remember the last time one passed my lips.  Yesterday at WallyWorld I had a sudden urge to buy sardines. Why?  I have no idea.  So later today I'm going to bravely open the sardine can, mash them up with some blended cottage cheese and a dab or two of mayo, spread them on some celery, and eat them.  Wish me luck. (Dear God in heaven, I hope they don't have little heads with eyeballs attached. Maybe I'll have hubby open them.)

I also discovered that the Pièce de résistance for sardines is the Angelo Parodi Brand Portuguese Sardines in Olive Oil . They're supposed to taste more like tuna.  I shall order some if I last through tonight's sardine experiment.

A very important message from Bill Whittle:

 Ten Buck Friday:

I missed Ten Buck Friday last week due to circumstances beyond my control. This week is up for grabs.  Donate to whom you wish.

Copied and pasted from Diogenes' Middle Finger who says it best - and I thank her:
The Ten Buck Friday bloggers, have over the last 9 weeks,  appealed to our readers to strongly consider contributing $10 to one or all of the campaigns of the Republican Senate candidates and help defeat Democrats in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Republicans need just six seats to oust the corrupt, senile moonbat, Harry Reid as Majority Leader.  We want Harry out of the Senate Leader's office for good, and into the Betty Ford Clinic for treatment of his terrible mind ravaging Koch Addiction.

The recent polls look very encouraging, but it's no time to become  complacent. This election may be our first step (and possibly our last chance) on the road to taking back our government, with eyes of 2016.  
You can do more than just vote. 
"In this, our final posting before Election Day next Tuesday, our message is to ask you to volunteer by making phone calls, talking with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors encouraging them to exercise their right of franchise by casting their ballot. Low turnout leads to bad government. Make sure your vote counts to prevent a theft-proof election. Let’s make this midterm a haunting experience for Harry Reid and his messiah." - Curmudgeon - Political Clown Parade 

These are the eight candidates we've backed to date:

Scott Brown - New Hampshire   -2.2

Cory Gardner - Colorado  +3.3

Bill Cassidy - Louisiana  +4.5

Thom Tillis - North Carolina  -1

Tom Cotton - Arkansas  +5

Joni Ernst - Iowa  +2.1

David Perdue - Georgia  +.4

Dan Sullivan - Alaska   + 2.2

(All polls via Real Clear Politics)

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Happy Halloween

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