Friday, September 5, 2014

Adventures in canning: Sweet cherry peppers and beef stew...

couldn't be easier.

The cherry peppers were my major goal when planting all the pepper plants.  All the other peppers were just companions for the cherry peppers.  Anyone who gardens knows that when ordering seeds a sort of insanity ensues wherein you order waaaaay more than you need.

I crammed in some banana peppers to fill up the spaces between the cherry peppers and added some onion. 

These will be delicious stuffed with feta cheese.

The store where I work had a good sale on boneless beef bottom round rump roasts.  This meat came from the Double R ranch.  It's perfect for beef stew.

From their website:
Double R Ranch is an exceptional quality premium beef brand from the heart of the Northwest. Located in the Okanagan region of Washington State, the “Double R Ranch” sits on 70,000 pristine acres and is recognized for its raising of high quality cattle, as well as for its commitment to animal well-being and environmental stewardship, the preservation of its picturesque land and native wildlife, and the recycling of resources to create a model of sustainable beef production.
Robert Rebholtz, Sr. had vision to produce the highest quality meat products in the Northwest. And the Double R Ranch is the “heart and soul” of this vision. Beginning as ranchers themselves, the Rebholtz family takes great pride in leading by example when raising the cattle that ultimately carry the Double R Ranch brand name. While the Double R Ranch itself cannot raise the numbers of cattle to support the beef brand alone, it is an integral part of a sustainable beef production model that supports numerous farmers and ranchers in the Northwest United States and Canada who share the same values and commitment to their livestock.
I might mention that Mr Rebholtz is everyone's image of a what a handsome rancher should look like.  But - more important than that - he didn't take offense when I referred to his steers as "cows."  Now that's a gentleman.

Here's the fixings:

I forgot to take a picture of the jars before processing, but they looked like this pic all nicely layered.  All the ingredients went in raw and I used beef broth with a splash of hearty red wine for the hot liquid.  Any thickeners will be added afterwards as they are discouraged before pressure canning.

Into the pressure canner for 90 minutes and viola... 

The finished product:

Seven quarts of beef stew.

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