Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More about Costco and Dinesh D'Souza's book otherwise known as the distracting shiny object...

and I am ashamed at the comments I'm reading on conservative websites and on Costco's Facebook page.

Do you really believe that the CEO of Costco has nothing better to do than pull a Fahrenheit 451 on a book.  One book?

That's not even rational.

Allow me to repeat:  They are running a publicly traded company.  

As I said to one of my commenters (who has a fine blog of his own) on my original post:
Sub - I know for a fact that Costco runs one of the tightest ships in retail.
Everything is done by the numbers. It's why they count people coming in the door. That number is given to the front end supervisors every hour. They use a formula to decide if they need to cut labor on the front end. No one was ever forced to go home, but anyone could volunteer. Sometimes the volunteer list was long.  
Their net profit margin in 2013 was 1.6% vs Walmart's at 3.52%. At 1.6% there is no room for mistakes.
If I'm not mistaken, Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily started this whole meme, and every conservative site is just going ballistic and repeating the same ol' same ol'.

Aren't conservatives supposed to think for themselves?

And how many of you complainers went to Costco and purchased the book?  Thought so...

We just came from seeing America - Imagine the World Without Her.

It's a must see!

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