Thursday, April 18, 2013

The useful idiots of Newtown threaten the rights of the majority...

yes - that's right, I called them useful idiots. 

Some observations before I head off to work:

First we have Francine Wheeler giving the weekly radio address instead of the president.  Then we have Mark Barden introducing Obama after the vote on gun control (in which Obama acted like a petulant child.)  These people were flown to DC via Air Force One.  Are they also having their accommodations paid for?  One would think so.  Your tax dollars at work.

Here's a tidbit on Francine Wheeler you may not know:
Francine Wheeler, the Newtown mom giving Obama's weekly radio address isn't the impartial victim she appears to be.

Her maiden name was Francine Lobis (and as recently as two months ago was calling herself Francine Lobis-Wheeler).  Here is her wedding notice in the New York Times from 2001 stating that she worked at that time as personal assistant to Maureen White, the finance chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee:

Maureen White is now a senior adviser at the State Department and is married to Steven Rattner who manages Mayor Bloomberg's financial and philanthropic assets.  She previously worked for Obama in the Treasury Department as "car czar" and was responsible for the auto industry bailout. from the comment section of American Thinker
And no gathering about gun control would be complete without trotting out Gabby Giffords, who posted this oped today. 

These people are being used by the Obama administration, and I think their participation is creepy.  Do they honestly think that gun control laws would have saved their children?  I find that very, very hard to believe.

Interfaith Service:

Exactly why was an "interfaith" service held at a Catholic Cathedral? 

I wasted an inordinate amount of  time actually listening to Obama this morning.  Shame on me!

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Hitler speaks about gun control:

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