Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did Obama really say this?...

apparently so.

I was at work when the capture of "suspect 2" happened.  Obama proceeded to make a statement warning us not to jump to conclusions.  Avoidance of the sound of his voice is a high priority for me, so the first time I read what he said was just a few moments ago via Laughing Conservative who linked to The Tea Party News Network. 

Tea Party News:  Robotic, Emotionless President Obama Gets Boston Victim’s Name Wrong

Seriously?  He has a gazillion handlers, speech writers, and advisers and he gets a victim's name wrong?  Not just a little bit wrong - but, really, really wrong.

Exactly how do you get Ling Su Lu instead of the correct Lu Lingzi?

While The Tea Party News does a fine job of fisking his statement, one thing they missed was this:
"They failed because we will not waver from the character, the compassion, and the values that define us as a country, nor will we break the bonds that hold us together as Americans. That American spirit includes staying true to the unity and diversity that makes us strong."
Someone please explain to me how unity and diversity, two opposite states of being, makes us strong.  There is no unity in diversity.  Read the rest of the post at The Tea Party News.

One other thing.

Did any of you find the sight of a city the size of Boston paralyzed during which time it's mostly unarmed citizens were under virtual house arrest while hundreds of federal and local police were laying siege against one 19 year old man?

Did no one think it was odd that the police were busting into houses and conducting searches?  Did the police and and federal officers really think that a homeowner would not notice a fairly large injured and bleeding man bumbling around in their back bedroom or fixing himself a fried Spam sandwich in the kitchen?

The previous two paragraphs are the rather toned down version of what I'm thinking.  Here's what Karl Denninger at Market Ticker had to say:

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