Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prayers for Our Pets...

has an extra special request.

I am one of many on the list of prayer warriors for Prayers for Our Pets, a site maintained by Esther G, who also blogs at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.

While all the requests for prayers are heart rending, some jump out at you as being particularly  important.

This is such a one:

Urgent Prayer Request for Bella the Dog and her Owner's Family

From Tessa on Facebook:
Please pray that Bella the missing dog from Montana is found safe.Last week she was in the car with her family going on vacation. Drunk driver driving on wrong side of interstate,fatal crash killing 8 yr old child. Bella the dog ran from accident and has been missing ever since.She is the 5 yr old surviving child's dog.
Please pray for the parents of that little child. How tragic!
 Say a prayer for Bella and the entire family.  You may want to consider becoming a prayer warrior, too.  Prayers for Our Pets also has a Facebook page.

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