Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daich Countertop Refinishing Kit...

recommended by Gary Sullivan.

I listen to At Home with Gary Sullivan most Saturday mornings.  He is a complete encyclopedia of home fix-up stuff and I'm always learning something new.  

I heard him mention Daich Countertop Refinishing Kits a few weeks ago and did some investigating.  I've looked at other resurfacing kits for countertops and the procedure was time-consuming with less than spectacular results.  Many of the reviews for the Rustoleum product were pretty bad, not to mention the rather hefty over $200.00 pricetag.  The Daich kit sells for about $125.00 and covers more square footage.

We are "blessed" with some butt-ugly kitchen counters in blue laminate.  I was considering just slapping down another layer of nicer laminate, but I like this idea better because I won't have to lift the sink (I hate messing with plumbing.)   The company also makes all sorts of cool stuff for walls, patios, and garage floors. 

I trust Gary and if he says this stuff is great, well - then it is.  I'm checking it out today after the Kootenai County Reagan Republican meeting today.

The rules while I'm gone: 

Play nice, use your indoor voices, keep the sand in the sandbox, and return all toys. 

Randy is back from a well earned vacation. While he was gone I washed and waxed his favorite truck. I've already had to give a truck to Odie for some imagined slight. Anything to keep these two from wrangling in the combox over the toys.  BTW - Odie received an interesting letter from his electric company.

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