Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's throw some money at the bullying problem...

because we all know how well that works.

House to back anti-bullying grants

From The Hill: 

House to back anti-bullying grants
The bill, H.R. 6019, would refine a current law that already allows federal grants for programs meant to boost school safety. But it adds more specificity to this provision, and allows for the grants to cover school safety programs that "may include research-based bullying prevention, cyberbullying prevention and gang prevention programs, as well as intervention programs regarding bullying."
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), the sponsor of the bill said:
"Bullying is not just a schoolyard anymore, it is a crisis that's taking over our nation," she said. In addition, she noted that cyberbullying makes it easier for bullies to torment people outside of school.

"Gone are the days that children can come home and seek solace and escape from their bullies; technological advances have made it easy for young people to be tormented on social networks at any time from any place," she said. "They are never out of harm's reach. This needs to end."
 How about some common sense solutions?

Parents: Keep your kids off off social network sites.  Homeschool if you're able.

Schools: Hold kids accountable for their behavior. Oh, and don't allow prayer or anything else that may foster good behavior, but make sure your school has a "gay friendly" club.  And keep passing them from grade to grade, no never mind whether they can read or not.
Society:  Admit that allowing kids to listen to and engage in anti-social behavior is leading to the rapid destruction of any form of rational behavior in our society.  Keep denigrating marriage, hand out welfare to mothers who produce illegitimate children, and teach children that there's no right and wrong.  Make sure 13 year old girls get free contraceptives, and when they fail, make sure they get a ride to Planned Parenthood to abort their child.  Keep telling the children there are no winners and losers so everyone can get a trophy.  And most importantly, keep building up their self-esteem.  

I've got news for all the experts out there.  It isn't low self-esteem that creates monsters.  Quite the opposite.  The bloated egos of these little "Lord of the Fly" wannabes who truly believe the world revolves around them is the real culprit.

And Blacks?  Get off the Democrat plantation.  Quit listening to Jesse Jackson and all the other race hustlers.  Pull your pants up (and your zipper, too), learn to speak English, stay in school, and then get a job. You're more a slave now than you ever were in the Old South.  

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