Monday, May 14, 2012

So much to read...

so little time.

A whole raft of some of my favorite writers have articles up at American Thinker, Larwyn's Linx is calling, and my tabs are reaching the bursting point.  Woodsterman is doing his usual great job of keeping us amused,  Bungalow Bill has disturbing news,  and Robert Ringer tries (once again) to explain to the brain-dead Marxists on the left that life is not a zero-sum game.

Smitty questions whether homosexuality is a genetically caused birth-defect.  (IMO) if it is, I venture that in time we will have no more homosexuals.  You see, like all those Down Syndrome babies, they'll just be aborted out of existence. 

MOTUS does her usual awesome job of fisking this whole "sluts are good" meme that the Marxist chicks like to tout.   Tonight is a big shindig at a St. Louis bookstore where all the good sluts will be gathering for whatever it is sluts do when they get together.  Get a load of the organizers and weep for our country.

Once again, the garden calls.  Yesterday I completed my tomato planting (only nine plants this year) plus a few peppers.  This is my first year to use weed fabric in the cutting and veggie my first year for using a Florida weave on my tomatoes.  Don't know what a Florida weave is?  Not to worry.  I'll take a few pictures and show you later.  It is pure genius!!

Next is the eggplant, Romano beans (the best!), cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, basil, fennel, kale (2 kinds), more peppers, plus all the flowers in the cutting garden.

  However, today is "plant the pots" day.  That would be 22 or so large pots for front and back deck.  I'm nuts...

If you run out of things to do before I return, head over to Sentry Journal where John Carey has done his usual fantaboolis job of rounding up great links.

One of my "tomates" (pronounced toe-maates) from a previous year.

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