Monday, May 14, 2012

Bill Whittle and Yuri Bezmenov...

 get it.

It all fits together for those who pay attention.

Yuri speaks in 1984

Print this out and memorize for future encounters with any crazies you happen upon.
The only way to counter these postmodern political narratives is to destroy the premise on which it is founded. I would say something like: "How DARE you sir/madam insinuate that I am crazy/racist/homophobic/sexist/stupid, when your own behavior [insert behavior here] is evidence to the fact that YOU are the one obsessed with [insert insult here]. You are engaging in psychological projection as a way of denying a painful reality about your own policies. The real issue that needs to be discussed is the failure of the Democrats on the economy/international relations/etc etc [and lay out your argument]."

In other words, refuse to play on their soggy postmodern turf and get back to reality.

Read the entire article at Dr. Sanity:


And remember:  Knowledge is power. 

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