Sunday, April 15, 2012

MOTUS hits 2.5 million hits... w/Update

and we're all going to help her get to 3 million.


Glad you asked.

MOTUS herself will explain:
Here’s the thing: I want to continue to do my little part to help the RDC spread the truth. So in honor of my 2.5 millionth hitSurprised smile  I’m launching my first ever MOTUS Begathon, Monday April 16 – Sunday April 22!
Unlike NPR and PBS - who get a lot of your money whether you choose to give it to them or not, butt somehow always seem to need more - I don’t really want any of your hard earned money. I’m kind of old fashioned that way. I think you should keep whatever’s left of your devalued dollars after you pay your fair share (by Tuesday!) to spend on your family and the charity of your choice.
I just want you to help me spread my gospel of HOPE and CHANGE, and in the process help me pick up enough additional clicks to hit 3 million by election day! It’s sort of a personal goal of mine, in order to do my fair share. Here’s how you can help: Beginning Monday, help me spread my posts around by reposting my daily missives from the Big White on your Facebook, re-tweeting me to your favorite tweeters and twitterers, and include me in your visits around the intertubes by dropping a linky to me should an appropriate opportunity present itself. I know it’s blog whoring, butt I figure if the SS can do it, so can I. Besides, I’m just following the Rules for Radical Bloggers as popularized by R. S. McCain. And after all, it’s for a good cause. I know the RDC would be proud. We can do it! Yes we Can!

Update            Update               Update

OMGosh.  How dumb can I be?  Dumb enough to not put a link to MOTUS, that's how dumb!!!!

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