Monday, April 16, 2012

It's time for the GOP to stand up and confront the lies...

and we must and should do our part.

The first thing I read this morning was an article by Larrey Anderson, over at American Thinker,  The Democrats' Biggest Lie, which deals with this whole kerfuffle over "access to birth control."  I'm not sure if it could be considered the biggest lie they've ever told, but it certainly is getting a lot of attention.

Democrats want to make women believe that if we have a Republican president, the administration will begin banning birth control.  As Larrey points out, they don't necessarily use those exact words, but will instead imply such a thing will happen, and thereby raise the anxiety levels of women.

Many of the commenters have made the classic mistake of thinking, "Who would ever believe such a thing?"
Of course it's a lie. The only people who believe in this tripe are those who stood in line to receive handouts from Obama's "stash." Responding to the lie is precisely what the liars want.
This is dangerous thinking.  I routinely visit our local county Democratic Facebook page and see women consistently tout the party line about "not having access to birth control."  These are not welfare queens, but women with a semblance of education who are involved in the political process. Some of them are actually running for local offices such as city commissioner.

You and I see this for what it is; a nonsensical distraction from the worst record of any president in the history of the United States.  Our country is drowning in debt, gas prices are as high as $5.00 in some places, we have high sustained unemployment, and democrats want to talk about birth control?  When they're not talking about birth control, they're ginning up race riots in Florida or saying stay-at-home moms don't work. 

Here's a commenter over at AT that gets it: (emphasis mine)
Have you people learned nothing about perception? It doesn't matter one damn bit whether these are lies coming from the progressive liberals. Of course they're lies. We conservatives all know that. The problem is that the great masses of voters don't realize this and believe the lies because they perceive them to be true. You think that because we all care about knowing what's going on by reading American Thinker and other conservative websites that everyone does? They don't! Most Americans couldn't care less and tune out the whole depressing mess. Who can blame them? It's easier to be entertained than to think. So, they hear some fantastic lie from the progressives and think that it has to be true because no one would make up something that outrageous. And, if they did, we'd hear about it. Oh yeah? From whom would we hear about it? The mainstream media who is wholly owned by the progressives? That's as far as most Americans are willing to look because they don't care enough to get involved. Stop assuming that Americans will recognize that these are lies and start yelling that these are lies. And, do it in places where the progressive liberals hang out. You're preaching to the choir here.

May I suggest that you find your local Democratic Facebook page, or the pages of people running for a local office of some sort, and whenever you read something that is ridiculous, jump in and nicely correct them.  I keep bookmark folders loaded with information on different subjects so I always have an arsenal of facts and figures handy.  Larrey's article will go in my folder called "health", and the next time someone says something stupid about the "war on women", "access to birth control", or "women's health issues, I will have plenty of ammunition.

Read Larrey's article for more information on how propaganda works:

The Democrats' Biggest Lie 

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Your WTF moment of the day from Maggie's Notebook:

Are Your Grandparents in this Simulating Safe Sex Video?

Good grief!!!

Michelle to Hold Four Fundraisers in Two Days and guess who's left holding the tab for her travel?

And while the country sinks into oblivion, the federal government and Congress is worried about some baseball player juicing up with steroids.  Is that not insane? 

Department of Justice Assigns 5 Prosecutors to Retrial of Roger Clemens

And finally we know the real reason Obama spent a truck load of money to go to Colombia:

"No class Obama" could have simply said, "Your country is beautiful and I would like to visit again with my family."

Another Executive Order?

Why, yes.  When does Obama find time to issue executive orders since all he does is campaign and play golf?  Who's really writing these things?

This one has to do with natural gas and fracking.  I don't know enough about the subject to have an opinion.  Should we be alarmed? (although generally, anything this administration does is cause for alarm.) You read it and tell me.  Thank you in advance.

Executive Order: Feds To Take Control of Domestic Natural Gas Production


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