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Are black people and white people different?...

good question.

A couple of nights ago I was having trouble sleeping.  While wandering aimlessly around the internet, I happened upon an article, published in June of 2009, on the blog of Marty Nemko entitled "What it's Like to Teach Black Students." (link below)  It appears Mr. Nemko had taught for many years in predominantly black schools. As part of this article, intended to open an honest dialog, he posted an essay by a teacher who had also taught in predominantly black schools which painted a rather unflattering picture of black culture. 

Mr. Nemko was very deliberate in stating that his experience was not quite as bad as the essay portrayed, and struggled with whether he should even reprint it. 
[...]The essay does make me feel uncomfortable because, while it presents an eye-opening report from the trenches, it is just one person's report and a more extreme one than I would have issued when I taught in a school with many African-American students. Also, while the author made passing mention that not all Blacks behaved as he described, those comments felt, to me, too parenthetical. Of course, a good number of Black students are high-achieving and motivated.

But I decided to post this teacher's essay for the following reason. The much-needed women's movement was triggered not just by measured academic tomes but also by passionate statements that, though often excessively bashing of men, shone powerful light on women's plight. Similarly, I believe we need to hear passionate--even if frustrated and overly drawn--reports on this issue from front-line workers .
The comments number over 750, and so I had plenty to do while waiting for the sleep bug to bite.  I made it through about 100 comments, some of which I agreed with, and some I did not, but I found all of them very interesting.

What I found most interesting, was how quickly some people accused others of "racism" or "hate speech", just for expressing their opinion. It occurred to me that we have truly become a nation of people who swallow any and all opinions which might cause another to declare, "You're a racist." 

Of course, we know that only white people can be racist.  Unless, of course, you're a black person saying something is wrong in today's black culture as many well-educated blacks have done. In that case, you're just an "oreo" or an "Uncle Tom."

One other thing gave me pause and made me think back to my childhood, a time when blacks didn't seem to inhabit such a degraded culture as compared to today.  When I grew up in St. Paul, MN, the majority of blacks dressed, talked, and acted just like everyone else.  They came from intact families with strong mothers who demanded respect from their children.  Fast-forwarding to today, somewhere in the range of 70% of black babies are born to single women who, in many cases, have no idea of who the father is, and are often having multiple children with different men.  To be fair, at the rate we're going, whites will be catching up with that depressing figure very quickly.

Since the 60's, black people have been given advantages far exceeding anything other races have ever received.  Preferential treatment in schools, employment, and plenty of government funds to facilitate their ascent in society have been showered on them.  Despite all that, they are as a group, in far worse straits than they've ever been, with race-baiting pimps screaming about "whitey" holding them back.

 Was it a plan as Maafa 21 suggested to keep blacks on the proverbial plantation?  And why has the constant drum beat of racism been heard relentlessly for the past three years?  Was is it part of a Marxist plan to put a black man in the White House in order to gin up a bunch of racist rants?  There is hardly anything a white person can say anymore without being accused of racism.  Don't like Eric Holder?  You're a racist. Don't like Obama?  You're a racist. 

What a fine distraction the left has created.  Don't fall for it.

Hack Wilson said in his fine article linked below:
You see, here's my view in simplest of terms. And I would like to think this is the view of many on the conservative side of things. I believe that no specific races should be given special treatment in this country. I believe that skin color is irrelevant. I believe that forcing a race into submission through government dependency is the ultimate manifestation of racism in this country today.

I wouldn't expect a liberal to understand. But what the Democratic party has done to minorities is appalling to me. Under the guise of a helping hand, the Democrats have destroyed the black community in America. It is rule number one in the Democrat playbook, much in the same way the Democrat party favored slavery and opposed civil rights laws in the 60s. They are still oppressing minorities today through government dependency and never more so than now, under the Obama administration.
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