Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marxism and the Churches...

A recent article posted at the Blaze,  Have Alinsky Political Operatives Infiltrated Cleveland’s Christian, Jewish & Muslim Faith Communities? was posted a day before the newest Vortex with Michael Voris was put online. (posted below)  Michael examines an article published in the Gonzaga University newspaper which is rife with misrepresentations of the Catholic faith. Most disturbing are some of the statements made by Fr. Craig Hightower, S.J., director of University Ministry at Gonzaga, concerning what the church teaches about homosexuality.
"First and foremost, [the Church] doesn't say anything in particular about homosexuality, per se. It does say that we are created in God's image, male and female created in God's image," Hightower said.
I'm hoping Fr. Hightower was misquoted or that this quote was incomplete because otherwise I would have to accuse him of lying - something that makes me most uncomfortable. He might try picking up a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for starters. 

The article mainly focuses on Tyler Hobbs, Gonzaga Student Body President for the 2011-2012 school year, who is also gay.  I'm not sure what being gay has got to do with being student body president, or anything for that matter.

Hightower acknowledged that certain perceptions of homosexuality in the Catholic Church do exist.
"Homosexuality is not condemned in any way, shape or form," Hightower said.
 "What I'm interested in is the theology of the body and the theology of justice," Hightower said. "How do we help the person be more fully human as they are created in that divine image."
What sort of goobly gook statement is that?  Homosexuals are called to chastity - end of story. Fully human? I have no idea of what that means.  Are we to presume that somehow Tyler is "less than human?"

This all caught my attention because I am no stranger to Gonzaga; it's close to my home, I've taken classes there, and occasionally attend the Sunday evening Mass at their beautiful church.

Since most of my readers are not Catholic, I ask only that you consider this information in view of whatever church you do attend.  There has never been a doubt in my mind that certain areas of the Catholic Church, as well as most other mainstream churches, have been infiltrated with ideals espoused by Alynsky.  I would go so far as to call such trends outright Marxist.

This opinion doesn't make me very popular with most of the "Catholic" sites or with most Catholics, who rarely ever read my blog anymore.  The above opinion ensures that not only will the loony left brand you a "crazy", but also your fellow Catholics. Such is life.

I'm focusing on the Catholic Church here because I'm Catholic.  I don't speak for Protestants or Jews because it's not my place to do so.  You'll all have to speak for yourselves.  I do believe, however, as stated above, that this is something that has invaded all our churches. 

No one seems to mind talking about the fact that Marxism that has invaded our educational system, all nicely cloaked in political correctness, tolerance, and diversity.  Yet these same people will quake with indignation at the suggestion that possibly some priests and bishops display characteristics that are clearly Marxist.  But, but they say, "The Church is protected.  The gates of hell shall not prevail."  That's true.  That doesn't change the fact that we could have some people in the Church that are espousing ideals that are well - not so ideal.

All of us hold our faith dear to our hearts.  It defines who we are.  Attack a bishop or a priest and you attack the Church.  Attack the Church and you attack them.  Their answer is to resort to ad hominem attacks, ban you from their sites, and dismiss you as a malcontent.  What better way to infiltrate the minds of people than through the institutions where they should feel the safest.

Mr. Voris has been the recipient of the most vile of attacks for speaking the truth, the worst of the lot coming from what I like to call "high-end" Catholic bloggers. 

Take a moment and watch this video while thinking about the church you attend.  Is it "gay-friendly" (whatever the heck that means),  have lots of greenie-weenie programs, and preach about diversity and tolerance?  Then do some Google searches on your church and Marxism.  You may be surprised.  


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just today my favorite Redneck calls out the bishops.  Good for you IR...

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Ken & Carol said...

It may be that the Jesuits are not so careful in their recruiting these days, or perhaps their educational resources have been stretched beyond limits.

Adrienne said...

Ken and Carol - It not the new Jesuits that are the problem. Gonzaga is full of left over 60's hippie style Jesuits that are my age or above. They led the charge after VatII to "transform" the Church. Jesuits, who were once considered the "Pope's army", have been reduced to a bunch of old maids sitting around wearing cardigans talking nonsense.

ignorant redneck said...

I heard, with my own ears, Bishop Doran say "Back when the jesuits were Catholic..." in a public venue, at the speakers podium.

Nan said...

While it's true that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church, that doesn't mean hell won't prevail against a particular person, religious order or diocese.

At an event at my parish, with a Dominican speaker, the Parochial Vicar at the time, knowing I lack a copy of "A Field Guide to the Religious of North America" gave me the rundown on how to identify various religious orders, by color of habit or other identifying features. Jesuits were the anomaly, although more than one person has referred to the order as once having been Catholic and suggested that perhaps they're due for another round of suppression.

Terry Nelson said...

Voris nails it in the video - I linked to it. I've been saying pretty much the same stuff since I began blogging - check out my archives.

Keep the faith however. Don't skip Mass or the sacraments - Alinsky infiltration or not.

My 6th grade nun Sr. Lillian told us this would happen - Marxism in the schools and institutions - she outlined the tactics of Alinsky to us even before kennedy was elected. We've all permitted this to happen - we are all responsible. We've all drunk from the Harlot's cup at one point or another. We get absolved for our sins but temporal punishment remains - especially if we haven't done penance - anfd maybe even then we are asked to suffer for the conversion of sinners.

The chastisement is actually here and we Catholics aren't doing very well accepting that fact - but we sure know how the hell to complain and condemn every one else who upsets our status quo, don't we.

Not a question.

Ragin' Dave said...

There has never been a doubt in my mind that certain areas of the Catholic Church, as well as most other mainstream churches, have been infiltrated with ideals espoused by Alynsky. I would go so far as to call such trends outright Marxist.

Just just Alynsky or Marxist - One of the most eye-opening conversations about the Catholic Church in America came when I was talking to a priest from Poland who had worked with priests from America - he flat out asked me "Are all your priests gay, or just most of them?" There has been a huge influx of homosexuals to the priesthood, but rather than remaining chaste they've decided it's must better to normalize homosexuality. And the leftist politics of the homosexual culture have come along with them.

There are times when, after going to church, I honestly think about converting to the Orthodox religion. If the Catholic Church refuses to uphold the standards to which it claims, then why should I give it my support?

Adrienne said...

Dave - the Orthodox church has it's own little box full of problems.

It is very hard for us mere humans to separate the institutional church from the divine church. This is a difficult time in our world and in our Church. I'd tell you to have hope, except Obummer has made "hope" a bad word.

Adrienne said...

Nan - no doubt the Jesuits have run off the rail...

Terry said...

You have an excellent opportunity at the upcoming Fall Conference to ask any of the speakers to differentiate between Catholicism and marxism so that we know for certain and why Bishop Driscoll doesn't promote equal justice for every single individual throughout the world. Our pastor Fr. Graham's homilies are fabulous thought provoking insights into ourselves and how we are wired, he is one of the presenters scheduled to speak at the conference. Check him out if you have a chance.

Unfortunately I have to work those days.