Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wisconsin War...

could well decide the fate of this country.

Allow me to repeat what I said a few days ago:
A public sector union is inherently immoral.  Strong words?  Not at all.  When your wages are negotiated with an elected official that your union dues helped elect, and that elected official is not required to show a profit - hell, they don't even have to break even,  in order to tax producers to fund your own lifestyle, and the producers don't have any say so about  the aforementioned wages, not to mention the cushy benefits and hot-dang pension - it is called stealing.  Simple as that!
And a chart:

For all my loony lefty trolls: How public sector unions operate simplified...


A H/T and a big thank you to Blue, my adopted "brother", for the heads up on this well written article by Sultan Knish. 

The Taxpayer's Civil War

The protests in Wisconsin represent a split in American politics. Not a split between Republicans and Democrats, but between those who believe that the government should continue expanding, and those who see the continued expansion of governments as the greatest threat to their political and economic freedoms. This is not just a debate over budgets, it is a battle over political power, and it is the country's most fundamental split since the Civil War.  read the rest

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Patrick Button said...

Right on! When public sector workers unionize they aren't organizing against some unjust business owner but against the people.