Saturday, February 19, 2011

For all my loony lefty trolls: How public sector unions operate simplified...

and why they need to go away.

I'm going to use the Post Office as an example, since I am most intimately acquainted with its workings.  Our company, before the blessed advent of the internet (thank you Al Gore), was predominantly mail order, which involved almost daily trips to the post office.  After close to 30 years of dealing with the ineptness of the average postal employee, a deep and abiding hatred distaste for public sector unions developed in our household. 

Today, the average postal employee manning the front desk is paid approximately $25.00 per hour.  They receive top notch health benefits that include paying for such things as stomach stapling, and subsequent body lift surgery to remove excess skin. After a number of years, their vacation time is up in the six to eight week range, and they retire with healthy pensions and health plans.

Who pays for this?  The taxpayer.

And what do you get in return?  Overpriced and bad service. 

Here's how it works:

The Federal government takes a bunch of money away from you

They redistribute it to a bunch of postal employees who are almost impossible to fire no matter how lax and ugly a work ethic they possess

The postal employee pays a bunch of money to a union to "protect" their interests

The heads of unions, after skimming off an obscene amount for themselves, in turn hand it out to mostly democratic politicians who promise to leave them alone.

Lather, rinse, and repeat...

Which brings me to our quote of the day from Melissa at The Lonely Conservative when writing about the possibility of a government shutdown:
What I want to know is – how will we be able to tell? I had the pleasure of going to both the Post Office and the Social Security Administration yesterday, and, judging by the speed at which the government workers functioned, I thought the shutdown already happened!

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Doug's title sort of says it all - and we thank him!


Blue said...

The problem, Young Lady, is that these clowns don't see anything wrong with what they and their unions do. They believe that they deserve what they take from us, the citizens of the towns, cities, states, and country that support them.

In my opinion no government employee should enjoy wages or benefits, to include job security, greater than those of the non-government employees around them.

The average citizen should not be asked to provide for government employees better than they are able to provide for themselves and their families.

There should be no collective bargaining in government employment.

The salaries and benefits of government employees should be determined by a citizens committee that represents a cross section of the locale in which they are employeed.

Ken & Carol said...

This is a true story. I was shuffling along in the usual PO queue, when, of a sudden I came to the head of the line. On the other side of the counter was a vivacious, hard-working 30 something lady who recognized me. She used to be a great travel agent, and could do almost anything in the private sector. So she started telling why she changed: in her usual enthusiastic way: the hours, the pay, the healthcare, until she suddenly realized that she was attracting hateful stares from all of her colleagues on that side of the counter, and some from the folks in line as well, though they were really interested in what a big difference there was between their station and that of a beginner at the PO. She never looks at me when I come in these days.

ignorant redneck said...

I don't like the other union either. I watched the Carpenters Union in Louisville spend months harasing the employees of a company doing a renovation/installation of a new business downtown. They (the carpenters!) hired non-union day labor personnel to picket the work site of the new company.

The carpenters had failed to organize that company--and it had work.

Now the job is done, and the Carpenters have people standing out with signs saying "shame shame shame" on the business in question--trying to adversely affect it's business and put it's employees out of work.

Some labor solidarity. BTW--the business is an eatery--no prospective carpenter union folks even work there.

P*** on unions

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Adrienne. The PO was a perfect example of lazy, mean, surly union organized parasites. I dread going to the post office. They are the laziest bunch of twats that work slower than molasses, are loathe to answer a question, and have acting superior down to an art form.

No wonder we are bankrupt. I think if the gov't shut down, it would be good. They couldn't screw up things for a while.