Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pictures like this make baby Jesus cry...

If this picture from the NY Times doesn't nauseate you - it should.  Am I to believe there are actually people out there who don't see a problem with this?  If so, this country is further down the path of insanity than I ever imagined.

Go over to Doug Ross and read his commentary. 


Ruby Slippers had this to say which echoes exactly what my husband said:
"One would anticipate that Barack Obama, committed Christian that he professes to be, might object to the use of his image in such a fashion. Anyone holding their breath waiting for his objection?"
I was truly too shocked to say much of anything. Any bets on how often a little old Italian lady is struck dumb? Didn't think so...


Amusing Bunni said...

This is a disgrace and totally nauseates me too, Adrienne.
O has been doing this since he was campaigning, with halo's and such.
He still does, and it's awful. But, he covers up the crosses at places he speaks. Sad Days for Christianity.

Reaganite Republican said...

Appalling... yet typical of the toadies at the NYT. They've bet all their chips on blue a long time ago... and will stop at nothing to prop up this fool.

Can't wait til we deliver Dear Leader his attitude-adjustment in November... gonna be fun

belinda said...


I watched a "Lady gaga" video yesterday and I said the same thing - I can't believe how sick people are and they seem to be getting exponentially worse.
Everything seems to be going down the wrong path.
Entertainment, politics,(shhh...our church) etc... insanity temporarily has the upper hand. What bothers me the most is that children are watching and absorbing everything.