Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Award Missed is Not an Award Gone, or something

Well, now I'm embarrassed. Lovely Bella from La Bella Vita, a fellow Italian, awarded me this from one of her other blogs, Our Beautiful Catholic faith.

My only excuse (I'm digging deep here for justification) is I am always so busy copying her wonderful recipes on La Bella, I sometimes miss her other posts.

Roz, also known as Bella, has posted her picture on La Bella Vita and we could be sisters. I, of course, hold the title of older and wiser, while Roz would be the younger and prettier. We'll have to draw straws for best cook.

Take a moment to stop over and say congrats on her blogoversary today...


1. Copy the picture above and post it on your blog.
2. Pass it on to who you think who is/are deserving.
3. Leave a message to them.
4. Pass as many as you want.
5. Message back or leave a comment to the owner.

No doubt the first person I will award this to is:

  1. Mighty Mom, known to her hubby Subvet as the War Department (for good reason)
  2. One of my newer friends, MaryEllen over at Bad Habit, who is delightfully unhinged (but very,very smart.)
  3. Belinda of Belinda's Brain, who, as I've said before, not only thinks outside the box, but doesn't even have a box.
  4. Laura at One Woman's Thoughts, who is seriously contemplating acquiring a sewing machine. I suggested a glass of wine and a nap until the urge passed.
  5. Angela Messenger, who will fling herself to the floor and rend her clothes if she doesn't get any and all awards.
  6. Adoro, who shares her life...
Now you may have noticed there is not one man on that list. Sometimes guys don't like getting these cutesy little awards. But if they did, I would give this to:

  1. Matthew and Patrick Archbold at Creative Minority Report
  2. LarryD at Acts of Apostasy
  3. Terry at Abbey Roads
  4. Mark in Spokane
  5. RightKlik
  6. Stacy McCain and the man behind his greatness, Smitty
  7. Father Anthony Ho
  8. Father Dwight Longenecker
Right now I must take a wee break before coming back to notify the awardees...


Mary Ellen said...

Wow! Congrats on that award!! And...thank you so much for passing it on to me, I'm really honored. The great thing about blogging is all the interesting people you meet along the way and I have found so many new blogs just from going from one blogroll to another. Glad I found my way here!

Thank you, again. :-)

MightyMom said...

awe, ain't you sweet..............

Mark D. said...

Thanks for the hypothetical award! I am honored!

belinda said...

Thank you Adrienne for your kindness towards me again.

Now would you - maybe, sorta, please consider putting me on your blog roll? :)
Put me next to Mr.Nelson so I can irritate him.... for fun. Poking bears makes me laugh hysterically.....until they bite.

fatheranthonyho said...

Thank you so much for passing this to me. I will post it at my blog, and pass it on to a few others. Thanks. God bless.

Larry Denninger said...

Thank you Adrienne dear! I'll come back later and collect it!