Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The commie/libtards celebrate their goodness while destroying the less fortunate...

the very people they claim to care so much about. 

It's what they do.

The left preens as the gas prices go up daily.  They're finally sticking it to the oil industry and hopefully helping to do away with "climate change."

No where on their radar are the people who have lost their jobs because of unconstitutional lock down, or are struggling with a low paying job.  

Oh hell, noes!

High gas prices will have a domino effect since shipping costs will skyrocket meaning food prices will also go up.  I've already noticed prices going up in my local store.

But, not to worry - the government is sending them back $1400.00 of their very own dollars which should tide them over until things improve.  Do I have to tell you I'm being sarcastic? 

None of this is going to have a huge impact on us.  We're only two old farts who don't eat a lot.  A tank of gas lasts me just about forever.  We have no plans for vacations and clothes are not a huge issue either.  But millions of people will suffer mightily, and I pray for them every day.

Catholics Under Fire for Upholding Doctrine

Yep! How dare them for saying blessing same sex unions is a big no-no. 

Listen up.  You can't confer a blessing on a sin. It's not about "you can't help who you love."  You should love everyone, but you should only have sex with your husband or wife. Everything else is a sin. Any questions?

Our Lives Reimagined

The time to face the fact our lives as they were 50 years ago, or even 5 years ago, is over.  The truth has kicked down our front door, raided our refrigerator, and is relaxing in our lounge chair.  It's never going to be the same - ever. 

 The children are suffering irreversible psychological and emotional damage from being separated from friends and families.  Toddlers are growing up without being able to see expressions on faces  - an important part of growing up.

We have a country of fearful masked up zombies wandering about.  Just yesterday at the grocery store, at least half of the people had filthy rags on their faces and were peering about with dead eyes. 

Obviously, the people who have lost their businesses or jobs are going to have to radically rearrange their lives. 

If we believe our old ways of living are over, and I do, then it's time to re-envision how we're going to arrange our lives as we move forward.

What have been your challenges since this insanity started and how are you dealing with them? What's better and what's worse?  Let's share our insights and coping skills. Thank you in advance.


NEO: Were the lockdowns the worst public health decision in 100 years?

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