Friday, January 29, 2021

The Ten Stages of Genocide...(excellent video)

 information from a brave lady - and we thank her.

Fearful people lining up for dangerous vaccine
Having to watch the hysteria over attempts to receive a vaccine for Wuflu, which, in my opinion is very dangerous, points out how the disinformation campaign continues apace.

Just as disturbing is the vast number of people marching about with filthy rags of oppression on their faces with only their dead zombie eyes visible.  And now we're being told to wear two masks since that would be safer. If two masks is safer, why not three, or even four, five, or six masks?  

Our local Panhandle Health wahoo's, who really need to stick to inspecting septic tanks, just extended the mask mandate in the 5 northern counties of Idaho by three months. Keep in mind, that the sheriff won't enforce the mandate, and those of us who still have an operating logical brain, have never worn a mask - nor will we. I can access my local grocery store, Wally-world, locally owned Ace, and Bi-Mart without a mask. The mask nazis can sod off.

Do you really want to take the word of Dr. Fauci, who backs the taxpayers funding abortions not just in the U.S., but world wide?  Does such a person really care if a bunch of people are harmed or killed by a fake vaccine? 

Is the Vaccine Safe?

Oh, hell noes!!  You don't have to believe me. Take some time and investigate the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reporting System) on the official CDC website.  Keep in mind the CDC says only 1% of adverse reactions on any vaccine is ever reported. 

Henna Marie does a excellent job of comparing The Ten Stages of Genocide (link below), by Gregory H. Stanton, to what is going on today.  Professor Stanton is not some guy off the street, but a well known and distinguished expert on genocide. 

Is using the terminology "genocide" too hysterical and something not possible in the U.S.A.?

How about this definition from 2017 by John Cox, historian:

Genocide is the concerted, coordinated effort to destroy any human group or collectivity as it is defined by the perpetrator.

Genocide differs from other mass crimes against humanity and atrocities by its ambition. Genocide aims to not only eliminate individual members of the targeted group but to destroy the group’s ability to maintain its social and cultural cohesion and, thus, its existence as a group. Because perpetrators very rarely provide explicit statements of genocidal intent, this intent can be uncovered by examining policies, actions, and outcomes, as well as the guiding ideology. 
Or Barbara Harff in 2003:
Genocides and politicides are the promotion, execution, and/or implied consent of sustained policies by governing elites or their agents—or, in the case of civil war either of the contending authorities—that are intended to destroy, in whole or part, a communal, political, or politicized ethnic group.

Tell me genocide is not a possibility in the U.S. when we have ten's of thousands of dead nursing home residents who had Wuflu positive people forced into their facilities.

Tell me it's not possible when people who speak out are losing their jobs and being "cancelled" from society.

And, yes - it can happen here.  You're watching it happen right now. 



The Ten Stages of Genocide, by Gregory H. Stanton. An easy and quick pdf read of his paper.  Horrific Latent Deaths Predicted Among The Elderly By Genetics Professor After Immunization With RNA Vaccines

Selwyn Duke: Investigation: Cuomo’s NY Nursing Home COVID Death Toll 50% HIGHER Than Reported  Nice to know what we suspected is true.

Planet Lockdown interview with Catherine Austin Fitts removed from Youtube, but available here.

Market Ticker: The Blob Of Lies Collapses  Karl Denninger is not my favorite person to link. If you look up the words "harsh", "grating", and "strident" in the dictionary, you'll find a pic of Karl. However, if you look up "truth", you'll also find his pic.  Full disclosure: sitting around the dining room table,
 I often sound like Karl. I just try to squelch my innate desire to flog my readers. You're welcome...

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