Saturday, November 21, 2020

TRANSHUMANISM: Biden's Plan for America...(video)

 "Build Back Better?"


Fight back!

Because you are not alone.

Before taking time to listen to Michael Matt, pop over and read Sundance's article at The Last Refuge: You Are Not Alone... (arrgh - another ellipsis thief.)

He starts with the video of the emotional caller to Rush Limbaugh yesterday (2:20.) I listened to it in real time and it was enough to bring tears to your eyes.

The message is clear.  No more "going along to get along."  The time to take a stand is now. Start by throwing your filthy face rag in the nearest trash can and dare anyone to make you comply. Invite whomever you please and as many as you want to dinner on Thanksgiving and enjoy your freedom of assembly.

As sad as this sounds, if you have friends or family who berate you for being "selfish", kick them out of your life, because they won't hesitate to make your life a living hell.  We are starting to see an exact duplicate of Germans ratting out other Germans and it's even being encouraged by some Governors. Before you reverence Godwin's law, read what Oregon gov. Kate Brown had to say:

PORTLAND, Ore. — Days before Thanksgiving, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she believes residents who know their neighbors are violating the most recent round of COVID-19 protocols, which includes capping the number of people allowed in your home at six, should call the police.

“This is no different than what happens if there's a party down the street and it's keeping everyone awake,” Brown said in an interview Friday. “What do neighbors do [in that case]? They call law enforcement because it's too noisy. This is just like that. It's like a violation of a noise ordinance.” source with video of her saying this

That is appalling and dangerous behavior for a governor.  Think some of your neighbors would never do this? Wrong. Remember my mentioning one of our local patriots, Casey Whelan, who posted a video of the complaints to the police department in Coeur d'Alene against businesses or individuals not wearing masks. Some of these calls were even made on the 911 line. 

Do I have to tell you again to pray?  I thought not.

You may want to revisit Michael's video The Great Reset which now has millions of views. It's an important part of what is going on. 

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