Sunday, October 4, 2020

Poetic Justice? Regal Cinemas in U.S. to "temporarily" close?...

trying not to gloat.

It is Sunday, after all.

From Daily Mail:

  • Cineworld, the world's second-biggest cinema operator, will close all its screens in the United States, Britain and Ireland this week 
  • Cineworld employs 37,482 people across 787 venues in US, Britain and Europe
  • In the US, Cineworld runs Regal Cinemas, which has 546 venues 
  • On Friday the release of the new James Bond movie No Time To Die was pushed to April 2021, crushing hopes for a 2020 industry rebound amid pandemic 
  • The company saw a $1.64 billion first-half loss and its shares fell 82% this year  


Freedom Fest - Before thousands arrived

After spending some time at our local Freedom Fest, surrounded by like-minded people enjoying  a beautiful autumn day, we headed to our local Regal Cinema to see Infidel. Our preference was to see it at our locally owned independent theater, but it only showed for two days there, and we missed our opportunity to support Hayden Discount Theater. (Update: just discovered Infidel will be playing at HDT through Thursday.)

When we arrived at Regal Riverstone, they were setting up their mask table in front. I approached the nice young people charged with dealing with the public, and said that neither my husband or myself was allowed to wear a mask.  The young lady was only able to say, "Unfortunately", before I said, "Thank you, we're gone."

Is it about the masks?

Absolutely not.

Here's what's really going on.

I'm well aware there will be peripheral blow back; thousands of people losing their jobs and businesses, who rely in part on the movie crowd to support them such as restaurants and other venues around the theater. I feel badly for these people.

However, (always pay attention to what follows "however" or "but") this scamdemic has opened the eyes of untold millions of people to certain facts. Most important is we don't need you. We don't need your over-priced immoral Hollywood dreck to entertain us. 

We don't need to shell out our hard earned money to fund the arrogant and ignorant  movie "stars" who pay us back by calling us stupid "unwoke" dregs of society and wishing death on the president of the United States.

Nor do we need to fund the lifestyles of people like comedian Chris Rock who mocked Donald Trump during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live saying, "My heart goes out to COVID", following the president's diagnosis.

We've discovered that real wholesome family entertainment can be had for the cost of gas to get us to a local park, a lake to fish in, a hike in the woods, a Sunday family get together, or a Freedom Fest like we enjoyed yesterday.

We've also discovered substitutes for businesses who have become "mask nazis." Just yesterday, I thought about making a trek to Michaels for some dark blue flowers for a wreath I'm updating. I'm pretty sure they're mask nazis, which sent me to Amazon where I secured the needed flowers.  Say what you will about Bezos, but right now, Amazon is providing a needed service. It led me to think maybe Bezos was behind the scandemic.  


Cancellations of Netflix increased eight-fold when they released "Cuties", a semi-pornographic movie exploiting young girls playing the lead parts. For more about Cuties, see the link below in the "More" section. 

Made no difference.  The graphic movie still rose to number four in their viewership. If you still have a subscription to Netflix, you are part of the problem. Cancel it and find a more wholesome way to spend your time. 

My personal message to Hollywood

Take your crap and shove it, because we don't need you!


First Things: Why we shouldn't watch Cuties


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