Monday, October 5, 2020

Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Trump Getting Corona...(video 6:00)

 Paul and I are on exactly the same page, so I'll just let him say it for me - and I thank him.

Besides, the upside is we get to gaze at his artistically perfectly proportioned face.

Cinemark Update

Cinemark, parent company of Regal Cinemas, will be closing all the U.S. theaters on October 8th. While I have sympathy for the people who will be losing their jobs, I have no sympathy for the delivery system of overpriced and immoral movies.

New Normal?

How about making the "new" normal a return to what used to be normal? Let's go back in time to when people were able to amuse themselves in a more wholesome manner.  Remember when people made their own music, painted pictures, played games, had big family dinners, and read books?  Remember when people went to church? Remember when the killing of babies in utero was a crime against the God who created them? 

If the movie industry would find their way back to making some wholesome entertainment and quit paying the "stars" obscene amounts of money which makes a Saturday matinee unaffordable for the average family, we might consider returning. 

Some comments from the Youtube page:

Not that I ever needed much proof other than their normal line of behavior but this just solidifies the fact that the left are the spawn of Satan, hate humanity, God, country and mostly...themselves.

Ah full of love, compassion, understanding, inclusiveness...etc. Unless you're NOT a Democrat, that is.

True evil comes in many forms, but one of the most obvious forms of evil is a liberal

The left love murdering their own unborn children, no wonder they love Trump being sick

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