Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Pence vs Kamala...

this should be fun.

Reports are she's going to call him a homophobe. Does that mean he can call her a whore?

Only kidding. Mike Pence is, and always has been, a gentleman. 

Calling someone a "homophobe" is implying they "fear and hate" homosexuals. I spent many years in the dance and cosmetology businesses where the preponderance of my male co-workers were homosexuals. They were my friends. I didn't "fear" them.  But I also didn't approve of their lifestyle. 

RIP Rick 
It's an unhealthy and very sad way to live - both physically and psychologically. Everyone of my homosexual friends, which numbers in the hundreds, have either died of AIDS or killed themselves. Every single one! My very best friend, Rick, blew his brains out in the back yard of the home he lived in with his lover, who was also my manager at Fred Astaire. That was 50 years ago and I still miss him and pray for his soul.

Celebrating "pride" by straight people to prove they're not homophobes is destructive to society.  Having a "pride" parade, which is really no more than an acknowledgement of  unnatural sex between two men or two women, and worse - indoctrinating your children into thinking it's just about "love", is ludicrous. 

But let's not forget these are the same people who "shout their abortion", also a point of pride for them.

Someone needs to tell them Pride is a deadly sin.

And one more point: Why is it when you look up the time for the debate the MSM always publishes eastern time even though the debate is in Utah, which is Mountain time?  I'll tell you why. It's because the commie/libtards who live on the east coast where most MSM originates, think the only important time is ET.  They don't give a rat's rear patootie about the rest of the country or their silly time zones.


Breitbart: Report: Kamala Harris to Cast Mike Pence as ‘Homophobic,’ Attack Coronavirus Record in VP Debate


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